Condition assessments

Amec Foster Wheeler has engineered and designed over 225 GWe of steam generation equipment over the past 100 years. Whether your needs are simple or complex, short-term or long-term, Amec Foster Wheeler has the experience and time-tested technical experts to provide your company with “value added” information and lasting solutions to your problems.

Why condition assessment?

  • Units are being cycled daily due to legislation and environmental regulations
  • High cost of accelerated damage due to cycle fatigue
  • Decreased maintenance budgets and reduced outage schedules
  • Average age of steam generating assets is over 30 year
  • Amec Foster Wheeler has the experience and resources to implement comprehensive Boiler Condition Assessment Programs

Level I condition assessment

A plan is prepared after a thorough review of the plant's operations (both current and historical). Level I Condition Assessment involves detailed visual inspection techniques, simple NDE methods (MT, PT, UTT) and measurement tools to determine if more detailed analysis is required. The components generally inspected are:

  • Boiler structure and supports
  • Burners
  • Critical planning
  • Downcomers
  • Flues and ducts
  • Headers
  • Waterwalls
  • Steam drums

Level II condition assessment

Based on the findings observed during a Level I inspection, more advanced NDE techniques and sampling are utilized, which include:

  • Advanced UT (PAUT)
  • Hardness / PMI
  • High temperature strain gages
  • Metallurgical and Oxide analysis of tube samples
  • Remote visual inspection
  • Surface replications
  • UT–oxide thickness
  • WFMT

Level III condition assessment

Advanced engineering analysis should be employed when "remaining life” of a component or engineered solutions are required. These services include:

  • Engineering studies
  • EPRI remaining life software tools: TULIP, BLESS, Creep-Fatigue Pro
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Performance based
  • Stress analysis 


We offer a full range of steam generator equipment, aftermarket products and services to the power, industrial, and wasteto- energy sectors. Our global manufacturing and engineering network can deliver cutting-edge products and expertise, quickly and cost competitively with best-in-class quality.

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