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Circulating fluidized-bed steam generators

We have had a track record of satisfying clients’ reliability, environmental, and efficiency goals with innovative technology for converting economical solid fuels into valuable steam and power. Through our experience of supplying over 400 CFB units to industrial and utility customers worldwide, we have steadily scaled-up and improved our technology.

Our latest pioneering can be seen in Korean Southern Power Company’s (KOSPO) selection of our most advanced supercritical CFB’s to power its Green Power Project in Samcheok, Korea. This impressive greenfield power facility will ultimately have eight 550 MWe ultra supercritical CFBs at its center surrounded with renewable energy technologies like wind, solar and hydro power for a total capacity of 5000 MWe.

We are currently developing Flexi-BurnTM technology for our utility CFB designs, giving our clients market flexibility with carbon capture and storage technology, for the challenging future power market. 

CFB value for utilities

Our utility customers have turned to CFBs due to the value they see in our technology:

Fuel flexibility
Our CFB units are capable of firing nearly all solid fuels—including waste products that otherwise would have been land-filled. Our fuel experience is unmatched as proven by our capability to design units for even the lowest-quality fuels. Our CFBs give plant owners the flexibility to source fuel from a number of suppliers and industries, improving their fuel supply security while taking advantage of fuel pricing and market conditions.

Low emissions
Low emissions are a key benefit of our CFB technology allowing them to meet the strictest environmental standards. Our CFBs stage the combustion process and operate at low combustion temperatures while giving the fuel long burning times, resulting in naturally low nitrogen oxide (NOx) formation and high combustion efficiency. They can also capture the fuel’s sulfur as the fuel burns by using low-cost  limestone and employing selective-non-catalytic-reduction (SNCR) to achieve very low NOx and sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions in the most economical way, and in most cases, avoiding add-on pollution control equipment.

Our simple yet advanced CFB designs can achieve the highest plant availability, proven by over twenty nine million hours of operational experience, even after years of operation. Preventative conditions monitoring, expert maintenance, and rapid-response repair work—all supplied by our service teams—help ensure maximum reliability—year after year.

Renewable energy CFBs

Biofuels and waste (RDF) are two of the fuel groups ideally suited for our CFB technology. Our units can be designed to fire 100% renewable energy fuels.
Concern about global warming is a key factor for developing and implementing energy solutions today. Our CFBs can also divert waste headed for land-fills and instead convert this waste into valuable steam and electricity to support our growing energy needs.
Our state-of-the-art “Advanced Bio CFB” can co-fire high alkaline – quick growing agro biomass in utility CFBs. We are currently using this technology at the 190MWe 100% biomass CFB that we supplied at the Polaniec Power Station in Poland.

Advancing CFB steam technology

Amec Foster Wheeler's CFB process


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