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Sustainable development is the most challenging issue for our generation. Amec Foster Wheeler is committed to being part of the global solution in what we do and how we do it.

Frances Fay, Director of Sustainability

Our long term goal is to drive growth for Amec Foster Wheeler by delivering innovative technologies, solutions and services that add business value for our customers whilst minimising environmental impacts.

Our aim is to develop a portfolio of technology and services that can be mapped to current and future client needs.

We will also develop a process by which we will recognise and encourage employee innovation. 

 Target Aim Focus area
Annual increase in revenue from environmental innovations. Develop a portfolio of technology and solutions / services which can be mapped to current and future client needs.
Develop criteria for those technology / service solutions which will form part of the portfolio. 

Develop and implement a process to map the portfolio to client needs (current and future).

Develop method of monitoring revenue from the use of the solutions within the portfolio.
Growing numbers of employee environmental innovation submissions each year which form part of the portfolio. We recognise and encourage employee innovation for project solutions.
Develop a process which encourages employees to put forward innovative solutions / ideas.

Recognition for those suggestions which form part of the portfolio.