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Safety in design

Safety by design

Doing the right thing - putting safety first is one of our core values

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Our aim is to deliver a globally consistent and collaborative supply chain management capability

Doing the right thing – putting safety first is one of our core values.  This includes the fundamental goals of achieving inherently safer design in all of Amec Foster Wheeler’s engineering and construction efforts.  Our safety by design process assists the achievement of designs with enhanced safety and environmental characteristics.  

The intent of safety in design is to:

  • Address life-cycle health, safety and environmental risks and environmental aspects including management of the use of natural resources in development projects
  • Systematically and comprehensively identify and assess hazards and environmental challenges, and their associated risk to people, environment, asset and production loss, and company reputations
  • Examine whether actual and potential negative impacts can be entirely avoided, or their magnitude reduced by design.

    Our safety by design is an integral part of the project engineering design workflow.